Vatterott closure sends ripples through Joplin and beyond

Students and faculty left with nowhere to go
Vatterott closure sends ripples through Joplin and beyond

Monday at 4:00pm Vatterott campuses nationwide, shutdown. That’s left faculty and students wondering where they go from here.

“A teacher jumped out of her car and said hey, we don’t have school no more.” That’s how Mark Crandall found out school was out, permanently. Crandall says “It was like a punch to the gut.” He enrolled at Vatterott just eight weeks ago, pursuing a technical trade. When he enrolled…Crandall says “It was just business as usual, none be the wiser.”
But, it wasn’t business as usual. In June of last year, Vatterott filed for “receivership” which in the world of law, is essentially bankruptcy. It placed the college in the care of another agency when it could no longer meet it’s financial obligations, which, came to a head on Monday. The campuses nationwide closed unexpectedly, sending rippling effects through communities, including Joplin.

Bubba Evansco with the Missouri Workforce Investment Board says “In this instance, one of the unusual things is it’s not just an employer closing and employees that are affected, it’s a school.”
He took action less than twenty four hours after the colleges closed. He called on Franklin Tech, Carthage Tech and Crowder tech. Evansco says “They were all here within an hour or two.” They held a meeting and in thirty minutes, developed a plan for Thursday this week. Evansco says “None of these people are getting left out in the cold.”

But for Crandall, he’s still got a long road ahead. Crandall says “It was eight weeks of wasted time, it was just coming in and hanging out for eight weeks basically, and it’s one of those things that’s going to push my graduation date back further.”
Franklin Tech, Carthage Tech, and Crowder College are all participating in Thursday’s event to help students and faculty move forward and determine what’s next.

We have learned of another issue that may be facing Vatterott students. Earlier this month, Vatterott lost it’s accreditation. We reached out to Missouri Southern State University and the registrar tells us the university cannot accept credit transfers from Vatterott students because of the loss of accreditation.