Utah man faces charges after threatening the life of Claire McCaskill

George William Stahl

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A Utah man arrested at a traffic stop is accused of threatening the life of former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

According to authorities, Utah State Troopers caught 36 year old George William Stahl driving up to 130 miles per hour; A chase ensued and spike strips were deployed to stop Stahl’s vehicle.

Authorities say Stahl appeared to be heavily intoxicated and belligerent, telling officers he consumed Adderall, LSD, and beer; An empty 12 pack of Budweiser was found, as well as another 12 pack that was partially drank.

Stahl made several threats against McCaskill after he was arrested, telling authorities that he was on his way to kill the former Senator.

Stahl faces charges of Threat of Terrorism and Failure to Stop at the Command of Police.