Sam is a skilled broadcast and forensic meteorologist with 30 years of operational weather analysis and forecasting experience. Sam’s focus has been on extreme weather, accurate forecasts, and the graphical presentation of weather data. Sam has covered the 1993 Catoosa tornado, May 3, 1999, OK Tornado Outbreak, Hurricane Ivan 2004, Carney, OK F-4 tornado in May 2013 to name just a few severe weather outbreaks and extreme weather events. Sam worked before as a broadcast meteorologist in Joplin in the mid 90’s and has worked in the Tulsa, OK, and Panama City, FL markets. Sam co-founded the National Storm Channel, an online stream casting platform covering breaking weather events across the nation. Sam has also provided expert forensic analysis for weather-related litigation and long-range forecasts for the natural gas industry. Sam graduated cum laude from Mississippi State University with a bachelor’s degree in Meteorology with a minor in Geography. Sam enjoys traveling, cooking and chasing storms.
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