USDA grant brings high tech learning to Labette County

Virtual Learning Technology On A Comp Screen

ALTAMONT, Ks. – Video conferencing and remote learning in Labette County, Kansas have gotten a major boost thanks to a roughly half million dollar USDA grant, and students at Labette County High School are giving the new technology a thumbs up.

“It’s been a pretty positive year. Our teachers have pretty well adapted to the new tech and we’ve gotten to see our teachers everyday and we get to see our friends, and we’ve had a pretty good experience so far,” said Labette County High School senior Jacob Scott.

The video conferencing equipment and other tools provided by the grant are used for both remote learning and by students in the classroom.

“With the portability that our technology is giving us, we’re able to include our remote students into small groups so our students can do that, and then we remain socially distant. It allows our kids to work in small teams without being physically close,” said Labette County High School teacher Misty Burke.

And students learning in person say it’s great that the latest in teaching tech is keeping them connected.

“Virtual learning technology has been pretty great, and we use it on our Remote Learning Wednesdays which has been pretty nice because we get to connect with our friends who don’t come to school everyday like we do,” said Scott.

Both teachers and students say there was a learning curve when it came to adjusting to this high tech education, but everyone seems to be settling in now as they wrap up the second month of the school year.

“It’s boosted my confidence in how I can use technology because I used to not be very tech savvy until now,” said Labette County High School senior Elsie Sorrell.