USD 447 Bond Issue Includes Razing, Rebuilding One School, Renovations At Others

USD 447 Bond Issue Includes Razing, Rebuilding One School, Renovations At Others

Residents in the USD 447 district, which includes Thayer and Cherryvale, have a more than $12 million dollar bond issue coming up.
This one comes after a previous bond failed, the district needs a positive outcome.

Originally built in 1938, Lincoln Central Elementary in Cherryvale has seen better days.
While an addition was built in 1999 the current facility is in disrepair and district officials say has reached the end of being “bandaged” together.
Shelly Kiblinger, USD 447 Superintendent: “It would be very costly and inefficient to try and bring it up to modern day electrical, ADA, fire safety codes.”
Lincoln Central Elementary has an auditorium but because it’s not ADA accessible it can no longer be used for certain school functions, and parents like Sarah Jones are concerned it won’t be much longer before the school itself is unusable.
Sarah Jones, Parent: “I’m concerned that at some point somebody comes in and says ‘this isn’t a place we can do this, we cannot do school here’, and then, what happens then?”
Of the $12.7 million dollars, ten of that would be used at Lincoln Central to raze the old building, save the 1999 addition, and build a new facility.
Sarah Jones has three kids and two of them are attending Lincoln Central right now.
Jones says while the building may look okay to the untrained eye, it can be deceiving.
Jones: “I think you come in and think this is a wonderful place and a lot of that is people and honestly good people in this school.”
The other parts of the bond issue will involve work at the middle school and high school complex to make it ADA compliant and to make additions to the technical center, as well as bring Thayer Elementary up to ADA compliance and perform some other minor renovations.
The bond would raise the taxes on a $50,000 home by $7.14 per month.
If you missed tonight’s tour and Q&A session – another one will be held beginning at 5:00pm on October 9th.