US Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus in Joplin for the 143rd Birthday

US Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus in Joplin for the 143rd Birthday
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Happy birthday to the City of Joplin. Today, the city is 143 years old and residents celebrate at Joplin High School’s Performing Arts Center.

Thousands look on as the United States Army Field Band and Soldier Chorus help to sing happy birthday to the city, different than the usual annual celebration at City Hall.

“We are just so fortunate to have them here in our city and to tie this in on this special day we’re just so fortunate to do this,” says City Clerk Barb Hogelin.

The ensemble travels all over the world to perform and is currently driving from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., stopping in several towns along the way. Dozens of local veterans were there and recognized before the show.

“The purpose of our performance is to share patriotism with the country so to ensure that not only those members of the army but perhaps veterans from all services can be honored,” says Colonel Jim Keene, Commander of the U.S. Army Field Band.

The event also offered a unique opportunity for select Joplin High School students, a chance to perform.

“We give these young folks something to think about, hopefully something to inspire them in a sense of just really high end professional performance,” say Colonel Keene.

“It’s a real honor for me to do this, music is a career that I want to go into and it means a lot to me that I’ve been chosen to do this. It’s a new experience for sure and just I can learn from what they do,” says sophomore John Fox.

Connect 2 Culture put on the event open to the public for free.

“The United States Army is all about pride in the country and we as Connect 2 Culture have a lot of pride in our city so it was a great opportunity for us to partner together,” says Emily Frankoski with Connect 2 Culture.

A way to celebrate the city and the people in it.