Upward Bound Students Get Hands-on Training in Career Skills

Upward Bound Students Get Hands-on Training in Career Skills

More than two hundred-fifty students are spending part of their summer on the Crowder College campus.

The Trio Upward Bound program works with students with great potential but not the means to get to college.

And special classes give them insight to future careers.

At presentations Wednesday, Hanna McKinley demonstrates the take-down and handcuffing of a combative suspect. Skills she learned in CSI: Crime and Punishment class. It’s one of 13 hands on research project classes upward bound students are taking, giving them real life experiences with the same tools the professionals use.

Hanna said, “It’s been a great experience being down here and they give us a lot of opportunities normal students don’ get to have.”

While Ying Thao in her third year in the summer program added, “Well, Upward Bound is basically all about experiences. So, with all these research classes in there, we are learning by doing on hand activities like for my naturalists class, we’re going exploring florists, woodlands, prairies.”

Once interested in theater, Ying’s now considering biology and conservation as Upward Bound opened her to it as an option.

The ‘Mind Your Own Business’ class prepared a music video sharing lessons learned.

Jose Castaneda said, “Personally, I want to be vet and I know with being a vet, I want to open my own practice someday. With that, I’d never gotten the fact that I need to know my business stuff. I need to present a plan to investors, need to learn how to advertise well, where to spend my money and I learned that through MYOB.” .

Students learned everything there was to know in sixteen class days before they made their presentations.

Kadie Henderson said, “You never know when your college professor is gonna say time for a presentation in two days. It’s nice to know what you’re doing.”

Besides the research projects, students took regular classes like biology to prepare them for the next school year. Upward Bound works to keep students with potential on track to get a bachelor’s degree.

Hanna said, “So, it’s preparing us both for high school and college. I think that’s a great combination.”

Thao added, “It definitely put me on focus. Upward Bound has forced me to think seriously about my college choices, what I’m going to do with my future.”

And Jose said it’s motivating. “I have to know what I want to do and the steps it takes to get there cause if I fool around now, I will never get to the place I want to be.”

The federally funded program is geared to those whose parents didn’t attend college or those who meet low income guidelines.

Every year students take a trip at the end of the session. This year the group heads to Chicago to visit the University of Chicago.