Updating the master plan

A Storm Drain

JOPLIN, Mo. – Steve Russell’s front yard on Joplin’s Connecticut Avenue looks nice right now, but Steve says that’s not the case when heavy rains hit.

“The whole front yard gets flooded, and it doesn’t get into the house but it is a nuisance, and it does depreciate the value of a person’s house,” said Russell.

But Steve isn’t taking a repeatedly flooded yard lying down.

He spent some of his Thursday afternoon discussing the issue with Joplin’s stormwater engineers who are currently updating the city’s stormwater management master plan.

Steve has brought the issue up in the past and just wanted to make sure Connecticut Avenue was part of the latest master plan.

“Sometimes you just have to remind people. As these engineers are developing their plans, they may forget,” said Russell.

That’s a sentiment Joplin stormwater engineer Steven Martinez agrees with.

He says the lion’s share of changes and updates to the stormwater management master plan will be put in place because of resident feedback.

“We greatly rely on citizen input when developing a list of these projects, because the citizens in general have the most eyes out in the city and they’re able to see things that city staff aren’t necessarily seeing on a daily basis,” said Martinez.

Thursday’s meeting was the first of three and it focused on northwest Joplin. The next one will focus northeast Joplin and it will be held on September 24th, at the housing authority’s community center at Fifth and Turk Avenue from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.