*Update* Search for shooting suspect continues in Newton County

*Update* Search for shooting suspect continues in Newton County

Update: Sheriff Ken Copeland says at 11am this morning deputies served a search warrant at 3689 Cherry Road. Copeland believes that is where the shooting suspect resides. Several items were confiscated from the home including a handgun, spent bullet(police term), and there was evidence of blood inside and outside the home. This is a block away from where Webb pulled in the driveway where he was found shot. Webb is still in the hospital “unable to communicate.” The sheriffs office is attempting to locate to interview several people that reside at that residence.

The search for a shooting suspect continues in Newton County.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the shooting, after a victim was found around 5 a.m. this morning in a rural area outside the southwest side of Joplin.

The victim, 44-year-old Tommy Webb, was found in a vehicle with two gun shot wounds.

Webb is currently in stable condition at Freeman Health System.

Residents in the area, located near 3500 Cherry Road, say the neighborhood is not as quiet as it used to be.

“It used to be quiet, but since people have passed a way and other people have taken over things, we have a little bit more stuff going on,” said Shelby Long, resident.

Long says her aunt and uncle found the victim outside their home honking the horn for assistance.

She and neighbors say there has been higher activity in the area, but never a shooting.

“Shocking that someone got shot, but not surprising that this stuff would go on here,” Long said.

“We have police that patrol out here a lot and there have been some burglaries or some things like that, but that’s about it,” said Betty Hurtt, neighbor.

Officials say Webb was intoxicated or on drugs when found at the scene.

“He was extremely uncooperative, told us at least three different stories of how it occurred,” said Sheriff Ken Copeland, Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say these circumstances can often indicate a drug deal or other personal conflict, presenting no immediate threat to residents in the area.

“I think this victim knew his assailant, but I would always encourage everybody, no matter where you live, to be extra cautious,” Copeland said. “You don’t have to open your door at night to anybody, if you don’t know who the person is. You can talk to them through the door and you can call law enforcement.”

And residents plan to do just that should anything further occur.

“I hope everyone around here stays safe,” Long said. “I hope no one else gets hurt.”

“It always pays to be on the look out,” Hurtt said.

Again, the victim is currently in stable condition and no suspect is yet in custody at this time.