University of Kansas to allow admissions without ACT tests

University Of Kansas To Allow Admissions Without Act Tests
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LAWRENCE, Kan. – Students have a new way to get into the University of Kansas without taking the ACT or SAT standardized tests.

The Kansas Board of Regents approved new admission standards on Wednesday. The board unanimously voted to allow admission of students with a 3.25 or higher high school GPA.

“This was driven by the pandemic, but I think people were figuring out quickly that these tests were creating barriers,” KU Chancellor Douglas Girod told Regents.

KU was the only remaining Regents university that did not allow admission without a standardized test.

Girod said that high school grade point averages do a better job than ACT scores of predicting college success.

The university now will admit students who have a 3.25 or higher GPA. They’ll also admit those with a 2.0 GPA and score at least 21 on the ACT.

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