U.S. Senator James Lankford shares his thoughts ahead of Election Day

Representing Oklahoma, Lankford discusses his confidence in the process and where we are in the pandemic.

Senator John Lankford (R-OK) appeared on the KOAM Morning News today to share his perspective on the upcoming election and the pandemic.

He also recently met with newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice ahead of her confirmation earlier this week:

Senator, you recently met with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to better understand her views on several issues. What were you able to learn about her perspective on tribal law?

Lankford: Coming out of the 7th circuit, she doesn’t deal with many tribal cases at that point. So for me, it’s helpful to be able to get her perspective that treaties to her are just like dealing with a statute. When you deal with a statute, you look at what it says at the time that it was written to be able to determine that meaning. So she’s just as committed to a treaty issue as she is to a statuatory issue and treats it the same because again it’s an agreement and something that’s been passed by Congress.”

How confident are you in this year’s election process?

Lankford: I am most confident with Oklahoma’s election system because that’s the one I am most familiar with. We have a very secure election system, I have voted absentee before by mail because I obviously travel quite a bit and am not always there on primary days and such.

Do you feel our government is doing everything it can to combat any potential inference in the election?

Lankford: We’ve made a lot of changes since 2016 in working on additional security protocols, working on additional assistance, and also watching out for interference. The FBI and the Director of national intelligence saying we’ve picked up interference from a group of Iranians who are trying to interfere in our election by saying that they are the proud boys and trying to intimidate voters. Immediately the FBI stepped out and exposed that for what it was, and then put sanctions on this group of Iranians within forty-eight hours, and they’ve taken aggressive action to be able to push back.