Tyson Foods provides incentive for workers to receive COVID-19 vaccine

Tyson Offering Incentives For Workers To Get Vaccinated

NOEL, Mo. – Tyson Foods is providing an incentive for their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Not only are they offering free vaccines at their plants, they are also compensating their workers who wish to be vaccinated elsewhere.

Derek Burleson, a spokesperson for Tyson foods states it comes down to convenience. 

“Making sure that our team members know that we want them to get vaccinated wherever that is,” says Burleson.

He says anyone who wishes to be vaccinated off site will be compensated up to four hours of regular pay.

Robbie Waldo, a Noel Tyson employee of three years says he loves the idea of being vaccinated at his workplace.

“I don’t have to go nowhere else I can just do it right here,” he says.

Waldo hasn’t gotten his vaccine yet, but he is excited for when it does arrive.

“They’re having it shipped here and they set up a special medical deal and a trailer and they’re gonna do it all in there, state of the art looks nice,” he says.

Waldo adds that the company’s vaccine incentive and their response to the virus has helped him feel safe.

“I feel safer in there than I do walking around any of these stores,” says Waldo.

Waldo says he and his friends who work with him are feeling hopeful from the vaccine incentive.

“We’re all geared up ready to get it.”

Burleson says this incentive is just the next step in Tyson’s response to the pandemic.

“Our number one priority has been how can we keep our team members healthy, how can we keep our team members safe, and providing the vaccine and providing incentives to take the vaccine, is really just the next step in that process.”