Two Nevada High School students will testify for two house bills on vaping in Missouri schools

Students are taking a stand to stop addiction in teens

NEVADA, Mo: Two juniors at Nevada High School are stepping up to take a stand against vaping.

“Because I see it daily, I mean really you can’t go into the bathrooms without seeing it or smelling it, it’s constantly present so we know it’s there” said Lucas Corbin.

“I always would tell my dad that vaping of our generation is like when cigarettes first came out, nobody really knew that it was bad or what it did to you, but it was the thing to do and that’s how I look at vaping now “added Eden Fischer.

Corbin and Fischer have been researching and studying House Bills 1682 and 1808 for the past month. They will testify in favor of these two bills in Jefferson City on February 4th, concerning vaping products in Missouri schools.

The bills were introduced to the House by Representative David Wood of District 58.

The bills, if passed, would prohibit the use of vapor products in any indoor area of a public school or school bus — and require the State Board of Education to amend their existing health curriculum to include education on the use and effects of vaping products.

“The same reason my grandpa smoked is because his dad did, and so did all of his friends and I think the same reason people JUUL is because everyone else is doing it” said Corbin.

They fear the addictive properties of vaping, the distraction it brings to students and the health concerns that go along with it.

“The more you see your friends doing it, the more you want to fit in and the more you’ll be like yeah let me try it one time but then one turns into two and two turns into 5 and you know stuff like that and then you become addicted and an addiction is not an easy thing to stop” added Fischer.

Nevada High School Principal, Will Darter says they have a strict no tolerance policy on vaping, but that they can always do better..

“One of the bills specifically would give us a chance to really take a look at how were using language to really address the issue of vaping versus just a general tobacco conversation with a student”

Darter will testify alongside his students, as well as the Nevada RV Superintendent.

“As adults gather around our students and support them with a voice towards an issue that is affecting their generation” said Darter.

Following their current efforts to address vaping issues, Darter says the school will hold a ‘Take Back’ program that will allow students to turn in their vaping products without judgement or questions and offer them educational resources.