Turf field near completion at Neosho High School

Bob Anderson Stadium gets artificial turf field through donations

NEOSHO, Mo. – Things will look different underneath the Friday night lights for the Neosho Wildcats this fall.

“I think it’s been something that they’ve been looking at for a while, but it’s now just materializing. We’re happy it’s here,” says head football coach Leon Miller on the new changes.

Artificial turf is being put down at Bob Anderson Stadium, and is more than half way complete, with a little over a month before the Wildcats’ scheduled home opener against Republic.

“Just seeing these five yard lines at a time being stretched out — we’ve all been itching to get back on the field. We just can’t wait for that first Friday night,” says senior Kaden Decker.

The Neosho Board of Education approved the upgrade from natural grass to turf in March. The estimated cost for the project was between $850,000 to $900,000, and was funded through donations.

“The folks were able to go out and generate that money, you know, find that money in a couple of weeks and that speaks volumes to the support the community gives its school district and you know, the importance they felt it was to upgrade our facility,” says Miller.

“We couldn’t ask for any better support than what we already have right now,” adds Decker.

Football will not be the only sport to benefit from the upgrade. The track around the field is getting a face-lift as well.

“We are all feeling, you know, a huge support from our community within our programs. And you know, I know our athletes. They’ll respond,” Miller says.

Neosho is one of the last schools in the COC to switch to turf. Decker says he can’t wait to bring the intensity to protect their house.

“It’s a big deal. You go to other schools and you see all these nice facilities that they have — just what they’re using every single day. And you’re like, man I really wish I had that. And now we finally get to say we have turf,” adds Decker.

The Turf is almost done being installed at Bob Anderson Stadium. Construction on the track will be completed in the next couple of weeks.