Yet another system works in and a look at your long range forecast

It is Super Bowl week, lets do this!!! Just so you know you will hear this from me each day this week.  I am sitting here anxious like I am waiting for a snow to move in.  Which, everyone knows we don’t get much snow, lol.  But, I am excited!  Plus we have a storm system working in.  It is cold, in the 30s and we will stay there today.  However, by mid afternoon, rain will start to work into the area.  Here is a look at mid afternoon.


As we work into the evening hours, we will mix with and change over to snow north of the I-44 corridor.  However, this is going to be a very wet snow and not really stick to the roads.  But it will come down at a pretty good clip, so we will have some accumulations on the grass.  Here is a look at mid evening.  You can see the snow taking over north of I-44.

Again, this is going to be a very wet snow but it will continue to slowly overtake the area.  I don’t think areas south of Grand Lake-Anderson-Cassville will change over.  I think south of that line will mainly stay rain.  But we will slowly transition areas north of that.  After midnight, 3/4 of us will be wet snow.

So lets talk amounts!  This is tough.  I think we will have a pretty of pretty good wet snow.  But, I also think most of it will melt on as it falls.  So I think areas north of I-44 will be 1″ or less.  If it comes down hard enough, near and inch.  If it is light then a dusting.  However, there is going to be a spot that gets more than an inch.  So we need to see where that line, well lines up.   But I will keep you updated today of course.  Take a look at the long range forecast below.

Long range forecast through late February:

Next Week:  Super Bowl Chiefs Sunday will be great!  Temperatures around 60 with a Chiefs win of course!  Well, I hope!  Next system rolls in late Monday and Tuesday.  Rain chances late Monday, then rain or snow by Tuesday.  Staying cold through the rest of the week with slight chances for rain or snow with a weak system on Friday.

February 9th-15th:  Mainly a cool week with rain and snow chances to start the week on Sunday and Monday.  Staying cool through the week with our next system on Wednesday and Thursday.  Again, this will be rain and snow chances. Another system works in for the weekend, so an active weather week.

February 16th-22nd:  Starting the week with rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday.  Warming up a bit the second half of the week with rain chances in on Thursday and Friday.

February 23rd-29th:  A mild start but a cold finish.  Rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday.  Then cold through the middle of the week.  Rain and snow chances back in on Friday and Saturday.

February:  Very active and cold middle of the month with several shots for snow!