Tuesday blog: Scattered showers and storms today and a big cool down coming -Chris

Good Tuesday morning everyone. Don’t forget to celebrate Tuesday, as we’re one step closer to the weekend.

Today is of course, election day so make sure you get out there and vote. Morning showers and storms may get you wet if you vote early, but if you hold off and vote after your workday, we’re looking good. Maybe a stray shower or two by 5:00, otherwise mostly cloudy, dry and in the 60s.


Scattered showers and storms are likely through the first half of our day as you can see by 9:00 they’re a bit more widespread across the area.


2We’re looking at a good drive home though, temperatures in the 60s and mostly cloudy skies as showers and storms clear out around 4:00-5:00 this evening.


Today, we’ve got the scattered showers and storms, otherwise we’re mostly cloudy and mild with a high right around 73°.


Heading into tonight, the rain clears up leaving us with mostly cloudy skies and a very mild evening with a low around 61°.


We’ve got a big storm system coming in on Thursday which brings us more widespread showers and thunderstorms and brings us much colder temperatures heading into the upcoming weekend.

Your 7-day forecast is is below.