Tuesday Blog: Great temperatures but thunderstorms in the forecast. -Doug

Great temperatures but thunderstorms in the forecast. -Doug

Good Monday night or Tuesday morning!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was pretty good.  Got outside and enjoyed the great fall weather.  I about had a stroke watching the Chiefs during the first half, but my blood pressure dropped during the second half.  But now back to the work week.  Lets jump into Tuesday.

Another fantastic day, little breezy with south winds.


Our next weak system rolls in on Wednesday.  This will bring some clouds, a few scattered showers and a cold front by Wednesday afternoon.


Whatever showers develop will be pretty light, so not much rain with this weak little guy.  So lets go down the road.  Thursday and Friday look great!  In fact most of the week will be great.  We do get a warm front shifting through by early Saturday.  This will really warm us up and give us some scattered thunderstorms.


As this front sticks around, we will have some scattered thunderstorms at least near by Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  However, we will also be in the 80s.  The next strong system pushes in next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday

This will give us widespread thunderstorms and a likely severe weather shot.  But this is a ways away so no worries now.

Heady Pattern:  We are currently one month into the new pattern.  What I have seen so far is some really strong storm systems, but also gaps of nothing for 7-10 days.  In a month I will see the first full cycle and have a very good handle on what is to come.  At that point I will put out my winter forecast.  Long range below.


Next Monday-Saturday: Warm start with thunderstorms Sunday through Tuesday.  Some possibly sever on Tuesday.  Much cooler the rest of the week.  We will warm a bit for the weekend with thunderstorms on Saturday.

October 31st-November 6th: Cooler with showers early on Halloween.  Chilly start to the week.   Mild temperatures return for the middle of the week with showers on Friday and Saturday.

November 7th-13th:  Mainly a mild week with rain chances on Monday and Tuesday, then again Friday and Saturday.