Tuesday Blog: Continuing to warm up but severe weather in the forecast. -Doug

Tuesday Blog: Continuing to warm up but severe weather in the forecast. -Doug

Hey guys and gals.  I hope your weekend was great and your work week has started off pretty good.  Boy, it is sure hard to beat this weather.  Most of the ice and snow is gone and it feels like spring.  We are springing into March, which is really hard to believe.  Please do realize that severe weather is right around the corner.  In fact, March is the kickoff to severe weather season.  There are two waves I am watching for this coming weekend.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two shots of wintry weather in the next 3 weeks (not including this week).  Okay, lets get to it.  First off Tuesday looks great with highs near 70.


We hold into the lower 70s the next couple of days.  Check out Wednesday.


This holds pretty steady the rest of the week.  Great temperatures and dry into the weekend, then some changes.  The first wave rolls in Saturday afternoon with showers and thunderstorms.  We will have a severe threat with these, so I do want to watch this.


With these storms a cold front drops through the area but lifts back north and hangs out on Sunday.    With the front hanging out on Sunday, again another severe weather threat will enter the area.  So, both days we have a severe threat.  Enjoy the week but lets watch the weekend.

Long range forecast is below.


March 7th-12th:  Looking dry and cooler for Monday before we see a little bump in temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Another wave by late Wednesday could bring some rain chances our way. Staying cool with rain or snow chances back in by the weekend.

March 13th-19th:  A cool start but most of the week will be mild.  Thunderstorms chances increasing by the weekend.

March 20th-26th:  A cool start with rain or snow chances on Sunday.  Warming up by the middle of the week with slight chances for thunderstorms mid week.  Cooling back down toward the weekend.