Trump set for first ‘Meet the Press’ interview of his presidency

Trump: His removal would cause ‘Civil War like fracture’
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President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump will appear on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” this Sunday, the first appearance of his presidency, two people familiar with the matter told CNN.

Trump has taken a number of swipes at Chuck Todd, who hosts the program, calling him names and accusing him of being “totally biased” against him.

Spokespeople for NBC News did not respond to requests for comment.

Trump recently said on Twitter he would be doing more interviews with news networks.

This is Trump’s first interview with NBC News since his 2017 sit-down with Lester Holt. It also comes days before the network is scheduled to host the first debate of the presidential primary season.

Trump’s sit down with Holt generated a flurry of headlines. It was in that interview that Trump said he was thinking of the “Russia thing” when he decided to fire James Comey as FBI director.

The “Meet the Press” appearance will air one week after ABC News aired a prime time special featuring an interview with Trump.

During that interview, Trump expressed to George Stephanopoulos an openness to accepting foreign dirt on a political opponent, and said he would only “maybe” notify the FBI.

Trump later walked back his comments, saying “of course” he’d alert the FBI.

Trump was a guest on “Meet the Press” in February 2016 when he was a candidate running for president.