Truman Day Celebrated in Lamar

LAMAR, Mo.–The town of Lamar was transported back to the 1800’s on Saturday.

Lamar’s Chamber of Commerce and the Harry S Truman birthplace historic site teamed up to celebrate the former president’s birthday.

“We tell the story that this is what it was like to live in those times, we also have your living historians here, you’ve got world war 1 since harry was a captain of that,” said Barton County Chamber of Commerce CEO, Astra Ferris.

And for younger people in attendance, it taught them what life was really like back then.

“We also have you know, what was it like as a child whenever the late 40’s early 50’s when harry was president, what kind of games did they have, what kind of music did they listen to what kind of things did they wear,  so i think it’s definitely important to educate others on that and just celebrate that harry was born here,” Ferris said.

A local Lamar father, Andy Vangilder, brought his daughter Rylee to the event to learn more about their town’s history.

“Well it’s pretty cool heritage, you know Harry S. Truman was from Missouri and not just Missouri from Lamar and it’s good to teach the kids that nowadays and we just wanna come up here and enjoy that,” Vangilder said.

“Yes, that Truman was born in Lamar, it’s just cool,” added his daughter Rylee.

One event participant, put on an old time medicine show from the 1800’s, performing folk songs and adding magic to his performance, which he says is part of American tradition.

“Because history is important. We can’t know our future if we don’t know our past…people that don’t realize that there was a time when there were so cars, no telephones. no internet, no Wii, no wifi, and it was a much simpler time,” said Professor B.T Farquar.