Truckers experience financial hit as diesel prices soar

JOPLIN, Mo. – A local shipping network based in Joplin, Missouri is doing what it can to counter the rising price of diesel.

As diesel prices rise to over $5 a gallon, many truck drivers say they are feeling the financial impact.

Because 70% of freight is transported via truck, consumers are also experiencing the effect of soaring diesel prices. Experts say the price of diesel correlates to the rising prices of groceries and building supplies.

“Yeah, [rising prices] are definitely impacting all consumers at this point in time. Being a large trucking company with nearly 37 hundred trucks in our fleet; today we do feel the impacts.” Said President of CFI, Greg Orr. “The good and bad of it is we do have fuel surcharge programs in play to help offset those expenses.”

CFC says they plan to purchase 750 fuel-efficient semi-trucks this year to combat fuel expenses and decrease the company’s carbon footprint.