Tropical Update – September 2nd, 2020

Atlantic Basin Staying Active

Our look at the Tropics on this September 2nd continues to keep the central and eastern Pacific quiet. The Atlantic Basin is still active with two active systems and two waves to keep an eye on. Omar continues to hold on as a tropical depression as it passes well to the north of Bermuda. With Omar working over cooler waters and fighting against wind shear, the system will continue to weaken through the next few days and dissipate by Saturday night. Tropical Storm Nana continues to churn in the far western Caribbean Sea just to the east of Belize. Tropical storm and hurricane warnings are out for the Belize and Guatemala coast as Nana makes its approach tonight. The region will mainly experience tropical storm force winds and heavy rainfall as it works over Belize and Guatemala. Once over land, rapid weakening will bring it down to a depression over Mexico before it dissipates by Friday.

Elsewhere, we’re still watching a low between the Windward Islands and west Africa. While it’s still producing a small area of rain and t-storms, some development remains possible as it continues to drift over the Atlantic. We’ll keep development chances over the next 5 days low at 30%. Another wave has just come off the coast of west Africa and is producing disorganized rain and t-storms. Once this wave merges with another wave southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands, development could allow this to turn into a tropical depression over the weekend and into early next week. We’re keeping the chances of this becoming a depression over the next 5 days at 60%.