Tropical Update – September 19, 2020

Active Atlantic continues with a possible Pacific wave as well

Our look at the Tropics continues to show an active Atlantic while a possible depression in the Eastern Pacific could form in a matter of days. The tropical storm near any land is Beta still wandering around the western Gulf of Mexico. It will start a westward direction toward the Texas Coast between Corpus Christi and Lake Jackson. Before it nears the coast, it will strengthen its wind speeds to 70 mph as it will mainly stay just below hurricane status. After it makes landfall early next week, its northeasterly movement could bring some moisture our way and give us a slight chance for some rain and t-storms. We’ll be watching Beta closely to see how it plays out. Teddy is still spinning in the open Atlantic as a Major Category 3 Hurricane and will mainly stay away from the Lower 48 and clip eastern parts of Canada next week. Wilfred is barely holding on as a tropical storm and is expected to weaken to a depression and dissipate on Monday.

As far as potential systems go, post-tropical cyclone Paulette is holding on as it passes south of the Azores in the Eastern Atlantic. With the system working over marginally warm waters over the next few days as it drifts to the east, it has a 60% chance of redeveloping over the next 5 days. Over in the Eastern Pacific, we have rain and t-storms with a broad low south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. With signs of organization becoming more prominent and the environment suggesting additional development, we give this system an 80% chance of becoming a depression over the next 5 days.