Tropical Update – May 30, 2020

Watching a few lows in the Pacific and Atalntic

Our Tropical Update on this May 30th of 2020 has one Depression we’re watching in the Pacific and two areas of low pressure out in the Atlantic worth watching. First, Tropical Depression Two-E has sustained wind speeds of 30 mph and was located 90 miles south of Puerto San Jose, Guatemala (per the 7 PM CDT Advisory from the National Hurricane Center). With some brief strengthening still possible before landfall on Sunday morning, tropical storm warnings are out for the whole coasts of El Salvador and Guatemala. As soon as the depression interacts with land, though, the weakening trend will begin for the rest of Sunday. Even though winds may not make it past the bare minimum for tropical storm criteria (40 to 45 mph), these areas will have the potential to pick up total rain amounts of 10 to 15 inches. Plus, this heavy rainfall will extend into Nicaragua, Belize and some parts of Mexico over the next few days. These rain amounts (with some isolated 20″ totals possible) could lead to flash-flooding and mudslides.

Over in the Atlantic Basin, we’re watching possible development over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and in an area east of Bermuda. A broad area of rain and some t-storms is expected for areas near the southwestern part of the Gulf of Mexico through the next 5 days. An area of low pressure could form by the middle of next week with some gradual development possible as long as the low remains over water. Even with the odds of tropical development with that wave at 20% over the next 5 days, that part of Central America should expect heavy rainfall over the next few days. Elsewhere, a low is situated 350 miles east of Bermuda with some scattered rain activity. With this system continuing to move gradually northward, it will move into a less favorable environment to become tropical. That’s why the odds of this wave becoming a tropical system over the next 5 days sit low at 20%.