Tropical update – June 30, 2020

A fading depression & a future wave in the Pacific

A look at the Tropics for June 30th of 2020 shows nothing in the Atlantic and a few things to watch in the Pacific. The wave we were watching near the Baja Peninsula became Tropical Depression Four-E last night and is still present this afternoon. The latest advisory had it located 240 miles southwest of the Baja Peninsula drifting slowly to the northwest at 2 mph. This system’s center remains exposed with little convection displaced to the northeast by 90 miles. With this set to work over cooler water starting tonight and especially for Wednesday, this will weaken and spin down to a remnant low while staying away from land. Elsewhere, we’re still watching for an area of low pressure to develop a few hundred miles south of the Mexican coast later this week. Even with gradual development possible as this future wave starts to shift to the west-northwest, the odds of tropical development will stay low for the next 5 days at 20%. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the Tropics.