Tropical update – June 29, 2020

Activity to watch in both Basins

A look at the Tropics on this June 29th of 2020 shows some activity on both sides of the Basins to keep an eye on. A tropical wave is producing disorganized rain and t-storms southeast of the Windward Islands. It only has a 10% chance for additional development within the next 3 days before it starts to encounter strong upper-level winds that’ll hinder any future development. Off the southeast coast of the United States, a low is expected to develop on Tuesday. While some development is possible as it generally starts to move to the northeast, the chance over the next 5 days is low at 20%.

In the Eastern Pacific, an area of low pressure to the southwest of the Baja Peninsula is showing organization with rain and t-storms ongoing. This system could become a quick tropical depression this evening before it starts to work over colder waters on Tuesday. We’ll give this wave a 60% chance to develop into a depression before it starts to weaken by Tuesday and Wednesday. Another area of low pressure is expected to form south of the Mexican coast later this week. If it can develop, the wave will have a chance to undergo some development as it moves to the west-northwest later on. We’ll keep development chances over the next 5 days low at 20%.