Tropcial Update – May 19th, 2020

Arthur is post-tropical but still spinning

For the tropical update on this May 19th of 2020, the focus is still on Arthur as it spins in the open Atlantic. With a warm front extending northeastward from the center of circulation, Arthur became a post-tropical storm today. The last advisory from the National Hurricane Center has Arthur located 400 miles east-northeast of Cape Hatteras, NC with sustained wind speeds of 60 mph. Arthur may be on a mostly easterly track at 15 mph today, but it will start to curve to the southeast as we head into Wednesday and Thursday. A gradual weakening trend is expected to start tonight and continue through the middle of the week. While that’s good news for the island of Bermuda, it will still be a post-tropical depression as it nears the island on Thursday. Over the next few days, Arthur will still be strong enough to generate strong swells and create dangerous surf and rip current conditions for portions of the mid-Atlantic and southeastern U.S. In addition to the same dangerous surf conditions for Bermuda, the island can expect winds to pick up along with some heavy rainfall by Thursday.