Trisha Raney up for relection with Joplin City Council


Trisha Raney up for relection with Joplin City Council

JOPLIN, MO – Trisha Raney will be the first general seat name to appear on the Joplin City Council ballot on April 8, 2014. Trisha has been a dedicated public servant as a Councilperson for the City of Joplin in her first term. If reelected for her second term she promises to continue to work toward her platform of “Healthy Citizens, Strong Local Business, Flourishing Joplin”. Trisha, who is a lifelong Joplin resident residing at 930 S. Monroe Ave. for the past 9 years, is raising two Joplin High School students, her daughters Katy and McKayla. Katy is a Joplin High School Freshman who attends in the 9th and 10th grade campus at Memorial. McKayla is a Joplin High School Sr. attending at the Joplin 11th and 12th grade campus in the North Park Mall. Both girls proclaim how proud they are of their mother’s public service and her continued devotion to a progressive Joplin community.

Joplin Citizen Cheryl Davis emphasizes, “as a Joplin citizen on a fixed budget I have been very pleased with Trisha’s voting record. Her votes reflect concern and consideration for all Joplin residents”. Davis goes on to say, “she is confident that Trisha will continue to serve the public interests when she is re-elected in 2014”.

Trisha’s sister Amber Howard adds, “Trisha is the perfect candidate for re-election to the Joplin City Council. As a lifelong Joplin citizen my sister is not only committed to community and dedicated to progress, she is also devoted to always practicing due diligence for the people of Joplin and Joplin’s City employees.”

Trisha’s City Council platform will continue to highlight, “Healthy Citizens, Strong Local Business, Flourishing Joplin”. Trisha has worked hard in her first term to encourage issues that Joplin Citizens have reported to her they care about such as: increased access to recycling, the expansion of walking/ biking trails and sidewalks, increased availability of Joplin public transportation, increased access to smoke free businesses, and the promotion of the continued restoration of the down town area. Trisha will continue to highlight the issues that Joplin residents contact her about if elected to a second term. Feel free to contact Trisha by email at or by phone 417-437-8168. Find Trisha on facebook under Trisha A. Raney for Joplin City Council.

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