Trident the dog has a new leash on life

After a traumatic experience, a K-9 from Kansas is now helping others get through their own.

As a licensed family therapist with a military family of her own, Julie Costello has always known two things — why she loves what she does, and the kind of co-worker she’s always wanted to have.

“So I always kind of knew that I want a dog with me when I ever whenever i got to the point where I could open my own practice and so and then I met Trident he was just the one.”

That’s right, Trident – an Anatolian Shepherd and Julie’s co-worker. While she had always wanted a dog as an officemate, hearing that he had his own war story is what separated this dog from the pack.

“Trident had a brother,” said Jasmine Kyle with the SEK Humane Society. “Apparently there was a man, their original owner, and basically they have this huge empty yard, and as dogs do – especially in the country – they would roam, but they also had a neighbor. It finally came to a really nasty ending where they went over to the neighbors house, and the neighbor said that if the owner wasn’t able to really contain them, that maybe he would be better off without them. The owner agreed.”

“That’s when he decided to end the problem by killing them.”

Both dogs were shot. Only Trident survived.

The Humane Society came to the rescue, performing emergency surgery. While they were unable to save his leg, they did manage to save his life, and that’s when the Costello family arrived.

“We had just moved here a little while ago so we were hanging out the Humane Society every weekend ’cause we don’t have anything else to do and didn’t know anybody,” recalls Costello. “Then he was there one day, and then after we kept coming back for three or four weeks, they told us that the vet said he could heal in our house if we were going to take him. I think they they knew as soon as they saw me that I was going to take him home.”

For the staff at the SEK Humane Society, it’s stories like Trident’s that drive their mission.

“It’s the passion and the light that keeps us going,” Kyle says. “To save even more to protect even more and find the home that these animals need.

“So to see this happy ending is everything to us.”

And as Julie prepares to open up her own practice, she’s gets to do it with the partner she always wanted.

“It just felt like this instant connection, I can’t really even explain it. I’ve had animals all my life, and it was just this, I don’t know, this connection with him.”

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If you have had a traumatic experience and need help, visit the SAMHSA website for the National Hotline and other online resources.