Tri-County Gives Gifted Program a Facelift

Tri-County Gives Gifted Program a Facelift

After testing a focus group for two years Tri-County is upgrading its gifted program.

Tri-County Special Education Director says “We wanted something bigger and better and in this day in age of limited resources. We can’t do it by ourselves.”

That’s why they’re partnered with Greenbush, a student support organization in Girard that provides personalized instruction using new technologies, has connections with colleges, and teaches classes with industry instructors.

“Those students who identify with giftedness are not only bright students but also have the potential to work beyond of the scope of what they’re local schools have traditionally be able to offer, we’re going to be able to offer those supports,” says Greenbush Gifted Education Program Director Jason Wright.

For students like Parsons High freshman Sydney Lancaster who’ve been in the gifted program since fifth grade, the district’s new innovative model approach is a big improvement.

“Honestly I’m really excited to see how the gifted program grows, because before today or before this program we didn’t do much at all. So it’s nice to actually be around instructors who actually care about our education and want to help us go farther,” she says.

Sydney has been teamed up with other gifted students from other local schools interested in multi-media fields like radio and TV.

She wants to be a print journalist and says it’ll help give her a taste of the industry.

“I see it…this class is actually going to help me to know that that’s something that I’m capable of doing, that it’s in the realm of possibilities. Before, I didn’t really think that it could happen. But now that I’m actually going to be able to work on it and be in environments where I’m practicing journalism and I’m writing, I think it’ll help me in my future.”

The gifted students not only receive extra enrichment at Greenbush, but in their local schools. Tri-County Interlocal Special Education District 607 serves about 200 students in Fredonia, Neodesha, Cherryvale, Parsons, Independence, Coffeyville, and Caney.