Torrance leads Colgan over Riverton; Panthers off to 5-0 start

Lauren Torrance scores a game-high 24 points in Colgan's win over Riverton Friday.

WATCH: Lauren Torrance scores a game-high 24 points, leading Colgan to a 45-13 win over Riverton.

“She played as a freshman quite a bit for us. She came off the bench, but she’s grown three or four inches and she’s gotten physically stronger,” says Colgan head coach Abby Farabi of Torrance, “Last year she kind of got pushed around a little but, but they’re not pushing her around this year. We put her at the top of our defense and she’s able to run the floor and she finishes really well. She’s really doing a great job. Last year I was pretty tough on her. I knew what she could do. She’s playing to her abilities at this point.”

The Panthers are 5-0 to star the season with Friday’s win.