Tomato-infused Mac & Cheese Recipe


Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE 8 oz. elbow or corkscrew pasta
2 pints small tomatoes (cherry, grape or pear)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
¼ cup diced shallot
3 tablespoons minced garlic
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 teaspoons flour
1 cup milk
3 oz. fresh basil leaves
4 oz. shredded sharp white cheddar cheese
Salt & pepper to taste

Broil tomatoes on high for eight minutes, setting aside. While tomatoes are broiling, boil 8 cups of water over high heat, adding pasta when water is at full boil. Cook pasta for 6-8 minutes, or otherwise, according to package instructions.

Heat large saucepan (with oil) on stove over medium-high heat. Once oil is heated, add shallot and garlic, sautéing just until tender (1-2 minutes). Add tomato paste, and cook for additional minute or until paste is combined and heated through.

Slowly sprinkle in flour, stirring constantly. Add milk, black pepper, and salt (to taste) and bring to a boil, stirring to avoid scorching on bottom of pan. Once mixture has thickened (3-4 minutes), remove from heat.

Add the cheddar cheese, again stirring until smooth. Finally, add the cooked and drained pasta, roasted tomatoes, and basil leaves, stirring to combine.

Special note: Reserve 1 cup of the pasta water—if final mixture is too thick, add pasta water until it is of suitable consistency.