Today’s top headlines for January 3, 2020

The news you need to know before you head out the door

IOLA, Kan. – A fire at the Mid-West fertilizer facility in Iola is extinguished, however, there’s now concern about possible contamination of the Neosho river, affecting the water supply downstream. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says there is possible contamination from pesticides and herbicides used at the plant. They say the contamination came after water used to put out the fire mixed with some of those chemicals and then drained into the nearby Neosho river.

LOCUST GROVE, Okla. – Authorities charged 17-year old Cheyenne Blalock and 30 year-old John Hall with the first degree murder of Kirstan Patterson. Authorites found Patterson’s body south of Locust Grove, Oklahoma on Wednesday. The Mayes County Sheriff says the suspects and victim knew one other. The two girls went to school together. Blalock told authorities Hall killed Patterson because she gave him an std and he wanted payback. The OSBI is assisting in the investigation.

SARCOXIE, Mo. – A Cole County Missouri court rules against a motion for a temporary restraining order filed by a Sarcoxie doctor who wanted to open a medical marijuana cultivation facility. The department denied Paul Calicoat’s request for a license to operate a cultivation facility. The Cole County court’s ruling says calicoat did not establish evidence that the department had violated the state constitution. Callicoat’s lawyers say they now plan to file a lawsuit.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The new minimum wage in Missouri is having a negative impact on some local non-profits. Wednesday, the minimum wage increased from $8.60 an hour to $9.45 an hour. Joplin workshops has had to increase the amount it charges for services. The non-profit also had to decrease the number of hours its employees work so their outside benefits aren’t impacted.