Today’s top headlines for Friday, January 10th

News you need to know before you head out the door

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Kan – Lawrence County authorities have charged a man with 10 counts related to the disappearance and death of a Miller, Missouri man.  Matthew Abney’s charges include First Degree Murder, Armed Criminal Action, and Abandonment of a Corpse.  Authorities believe Abney and another man, Ray Fryling, killed Coy Cole, burned his remains, and used his stolen debit card.  Fryling was charged in early December.

LOMA LINDA, Mo – KOAM received the fire report of the fire at Sandstone Gardens in Loma Linda.  The late November fire caused extensive damage, but the cause of the fire could not determined.  No inures were reported from the fire.

BOURBON COUNTY, Mo – Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin is unhappy about a recent pay raise he’s received, saying he was given too much.  The Sheriff told Bourbon County Commissioners at a recent meeting that he felt the roughly 16-thousand dollar pay raise could be put to better use.  He thinks other employees in his department deserve more money, citing their deputy overtime.
Bourbon County Commissioner Jeff Fischer told the Sheriff that the raise was meant to make is pay comparable to Sheriff’s in the neighboring counties.

Missouri – Two Missouri Lawmakers try to make a change to the states H-I-V law by lessening criminal penalties.  Missouri’s current law has felony level penalties if H-I-V positive person can not prove they disclosed their H-I-V status before engaging in sexual activity.  The same punishments apply to contacting someone with certain fluids, biting, or sharing needles.  Some lawmakers believe the current law persuades people to not get tested. This is because if you don’t know your status then you could not be charged as a felon.