Today’s top headlines for January 17, 2020

News you need to know before you head out the door

JOPLIN, Mo – Joplin Police report 12 stolen Catalytic Converters in the past six months, adding to a country wide trend. Though numbers are low in the area, the thefts have left some locals concerned. A Facebook group post has been circulating that warns people of the recent thefts. The cars targeted are generally ones waiting to be towed or that are left in a parking lot. Auto repair shops in the area also report converter thefts from cars in their lots. The thieves will go beneath cars and cut them off with a hacksaw. They’re reportedly attracted to the metals found inside the converter.

TOPEKA, Kan – Kansas Governor Laura Kelly proposes that the state uses half of its cash reserve to pay off debt early. Her proposed budget would pay off some of the debt while also taking longer to close a long-term funding gap for the state pension system for teachers and government workers. The plan is aimed at restoring fiscal responsibility according to Kelly’s budget director. Her plan also looks to expand the Kansas Medicaid Program at a cost of 35-million dollars a year to the state.

TOPEKA, Kan – A Kansas anti-abortion bills amendments fate depends on whether or not it would appear on the ballot and when. The amendment would overturn last years Kansas Supreme Court decision to protect abortion rights. Supporters announced they want to put the new measure on the August Primary Ballot. They believe the measure has a better chance of passing in that lower turnout election rather than in the November General Election.

RIVERTON, Kan – An Oklahoma woman is hit by a semi in Riverton, Kansas. A Cherokee County Sheriff says 33-year-old Barabara Stines of Krebs, Oklahoma was crossing Route 66 when she was hit by a semi tuck. She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.