Today’s top headlines (1/15/2020)

News you need to know before you head out the door

CARTHAGE, Mo – The prosecution rests after six witnesses testify in the murder trial of a Carthage man. Ricky Marchbanks is on trial for First Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action for the death of Jeremy Neeper in May of 2016. Neeper’s wife Sharron was a witness to the murder. She says the two men had gotten into an argument in the afternoon. Marchbanks called the police on Neeper and Neeper went to his cousins house. Neeper returned home later in the evening where he flipped over Marcbanks’ lawnmower. Sharon said Marchbanks showed up to their house later that night. She says Neeper went outside to confront Marchbanks. She then heard gunshots. She went outside and saw Neeper fall over. Neeper is said to have never pointed a gun at her or anyone else. The defense will start their case for self-defense today.

WICHITA, Kan – Wichita Police arrests 24-year-old Morgan Prager of Pittsburg due to accusations of cutting the throat of a Wichita man. Prager was arrested after police got a call about a disturbance. Police say they found 19-year-old Vincent Venturella with a severe cut to his neck. Venturella later died at the hospital. Authorities say they believe Prager and Venturella had an ongoing dispute over an ex-girlfriend who was one of the men’s sister.

WICHITA, Kan – Wichita Police arrest 53-year-old Jeffery Hill of Joplin on charges of Second Degree Murder. Authorities believe Hill killed a man and buried his body outside of Wichita. He’s also charged with possession of drugs and resisting arrest. Hill was also shot by Joplin Police in 2015 when he drove towards officers who were responding to a domestic abuse call.

OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma adopts a new electronic tracking system for sexual assault survivors to monitor the location and status of their rape kits. Officials hope the new system will empower survivors with information, help law enforcement during investigations, and help build public trust through transparency. Only survivors and those who update the system will have access to the records.