Today in history (Dec. 16)

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Today is Thursday, Dec. 16, the 350th day of 2021. This is today in history.

Today in history

  • In 1960, 134 people were killed when a United Air Lines DC-8 and a TWA Super Constellation collided over New York City.
  • The World War II Battle of the Bulge began as German forces launched a surprise attack against Allied forces through the Ardennes Forest in Belgium and Luxembourg in 1944.
  • In 1773, the Boston Tea Party took place as American colonists boarded a British ship and dumped more than 300 chests of tea into Boston Harbor to protest tea taxes.


  • In 1950, President Harry S. Truman proclaimed a national state of emergency in order to fight “world conquest by Communist imperialism.”
  • President-elect George W. Bush selected Colin Powell to become the first African-American secretary of state in 2000.
  • In 2012, President Barack Obama visited Newtown, Connecticut, the scene of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.


Ten years ago: In San Francisco, eight years of being investigated for steroid allegations ended for home-run king Barry Bonds with a 30-day sentence to be served at home. (Bonds never served the sentence; his conviction for obstruction of justice was overturned.)


Civil rights attorney and co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center Morris Dees is 85. Actor Joyce Bulifant is 84. Actor Liv Ullmann is 83. CBS news correspondent Lesley Stahl is 80. Pop musician Tony Hicks (The Hollies) is 76. Pop singer Benny Andersson (ABBA) is 75. Rock singer-musician Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) is 72. Rock musician Bill Bateman (The Blasters) is 70. Actor Xander Berkeley is 66. Actor Alison LaPlaca is 62. Actor Sam Robards is 60. Actor Jon Tenney is 60. Actor Benjamin Bratt is 58. Country singer-songwriter Jeff Carson is 58. Actor-comedian JB Smoove is 56. Actor Miranda Otto is 54. Actor Daniel Cosgrove is 51. R&B singer Michael McCary is 50. Actor Jonathan Scarfe is 46. Actor Krysten Ritter is 40. Actor Zoe Jarman is 39. Country musician Chris Scruggs is 39. Actor Theo James is 37. Actor Amanda Setton is 36. Rock musician Dave Rublin (American Authors) is 35. Actor Hallee Hirsh is 34. Actor Anna Popplewell is 33. Actor Stephan James is 28.

Local news

  • In 2019, The Cherokee County Sheriff’s office investigated an armed robbery at the Old Riverton Store in Riverton, Kansas.
  • In 2010, farmers in south Miami-Dade reported crop damage as temperatures continued to drop.

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