Tips to tackle hiring agencies and taking on temp work


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According to the American Staffing Association, 3 millions temporary and contract positions are filled through hiring agencies every week.

“It depends on the client and what they’re wanting,” says Karla Hess, the Branch Manager for Adecco, a staffing agency in Joplin. but for the most part we’re just looking for people who are motivated to work and want an income.”

Agencies like Adecco work as a middleman for all sorts of industries

We deal with a lot of food manufacturing facilities, so right now it’s just really busy so this is a great time for someone who wants to get out of what they did in the past.

Even right now, many of the spots they look to fill are “temp-to-hire” positions, meaning they have the potential to become permanent positions.

Another agency, Manpower, is hiring for similar types of jobs.

“Right now, I have manufacturing jobs, machine operators, wood work, all different shifts, from 1 in the morning to 3:45 at night,” says Shari Livingston, a dedicated recruiter for the agency.

We try to help people find jobs compared to their past work history and their jobs skills.”

As for their hiring process, there are a few things you should have ready before walking through the door.

“Make sure you have the proper ID. I know it’s kind of hard to have right now, but you should have it and have your job history written down.”

And especially these days, it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.

We’re always looking for people who leave other positions on good terms, who have good things to say about their last employers, just being positive. So right now, just being motivated and ready to work is important.”

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