Tips for keeping your computer and data secure while working from home

JOPLIN, Mo. – Tech experts are recommending precautions as more people work from home.

We spoke with John Motazedi, the owner of SNC Squared in Joplin, on ways to keep your computer and data secure.

Motazedi recommends using a secure virtual private network (VPN) to connect to your computer at home to the office.

He also recommends keeping your computer up to date, not downloading suspicious things or going to suspicious sites.

And, make sure that you’re using good anti-virus software.

“Buying antivirus software is not that expensive. I mean, 20, 30 dollars is pretty reasonable to pay for anti-virus software protection. I think trying to get your name out of identity theft or some sort of fraud issue is gonna cost you a lot more than 20, 30 dollars,” says Motazedi. “It’s good to pay for those things, it’s good to make sure your machines are still current. If you have as an individual still have Windows 7 or Windows XP type machines, and you’re still using it at home, I would highly recommend against those because they aren’t being patched by Microsoft, and can be very susceptible to an attack.”

Montazedi also wants to add that cleaning your phone and electronics is perfectly safe.

SNC Squared is offering free software to companies that need to get their employees connected at home through May 1st.