Thursday’s Blog: Great temperatures but thunderstorms back in the forecast. -Doug

Great temperatures but thunderstorms back in the forecast. -Doug

I hope you had a great Wednesday and now we are heading into the backstretch of the work week.  My week has been busy but pretty good so far.  Wow the moon the past couple of nights has been great!  It will be a little chilly during the morning but the afternoon on Thursday looks great.

Day Planner

Back into the 70s on Friday, but still nice.


Friday night and Saturday morning a warm front will enter the area.  This will most likely fire off some scattered thunderstorms.

Saturday Morning

Some of these storms could be strong Saturday morning, but most likely not severe.  However, as the front lifts north into our northern counties by the afternoon, some of those storms could be low grade severe, but this is still a few days away.

Saturday Pm

Heady Pattern:  We are cruising through the New Heady pattern that was fully set around September 20th.  Remember, a pattern is what keeps happening.  For instance, we keep getting rain, or snow, heat or a drought.  Now inside the pattern, there is a recurring cycle.  Last years cycle was 46 days long. We are back in a La Nina that looks to get a little stronger through the winter.  This is an influence but only and influence on the pattern.  I am getting very close to nailing down the new cycle length.  I need a week or two to verify but getting close.  It will be a longer cycle this year compared to the 46 day cycle last year.  I think this pattern is going to be a much better pattern than last year.  Well if you like weather.  Long range below.


Next Thursday-Saturday: Mild with showers on Thursday.  Chilly and dry heading into Halloween weekend.

October 31st-November 6th: Halloween looks fine right now with mild temperatures.  Staying mild through the first half of the week with showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday.  Cooler with showers into the weekend.

November 7th-13th:  Most of the week mild with rain by Thursday.  Turning sharply colder on Friday and Saturday.

November 14th-20th:  Cool the first half of the week with some showers on Monday.  Mild the second half of the week with rain chances on Friday and Saturday.