Thursday Morning Blog: Warmer temperatures but still some rain chances. -Doug

Warmer temperatures but still some rain chances. -Doug

Good Thursday morning!  We are rolling through the week and full steam ahead toward the weekend.  At least we got rid of all the rain and snow we have had this week.  I need to run some errands before work today.  I think I hate errands more than just about anything.  However, at least our temperatures will be warming up.

Day Planner

We have a NW flow.  This means our Jet Stream is coming out of the NW.

Nw Flow

This gives us cool temperatures and fast moving waves.  So again Thursday evening, another fast moving wave.


This will give us some light showers and then it quickly pushes out of the region.  Warming into the 60s for the weekend.  The weekend looks amazing.  Then we will watch our next storm system rolling in late Sunday and Monday, then followed by another wave on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here is a look at Monday.


Like we have seen so many times in this years Heady Pattern, this wave will develop over us and mature just to the east.  So we will most likely just have a few scattered showers  or thunderstorms.  The next wave on Tuesday and Wednesday will have more widespread rains.


On the backside of the wave, this could give us a few snow showers on Wednesday morning.  Our next system rolls in next weekend.  It will be a little disorganized as there is a little flip in the pattern.  I won’t even go into that as it won’t make any sense, lol.  However, the next stronger system rolls out behind on the 10th.

March 10th

This will give us chances for showers and thunderstorms.  Check out my long range forecast below.



Long range forecast through the middle of April:

Next Week: A mild start to the week with showers late Sunday and Monday.  Cooling back down a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday with our next wave.  This will give us showers and thunderstorms with possibly a little snow on the back side on Wednesday morning.  Staying cool until the weekend when mild temperatures return.  Slight chances for rain on Saturday.

March 8th-14th:  Rain chances stick around on Sunday through Wednesday with two different storm systems.  Best chances for rain will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mild temperatures late in the week with rain chances back in on Friday.

March 15th-21st:  Big system on Sunday and Monday with rain.  Cooling down until late in the week.  Slight chances for showers on Wednesday.  Another big system with showers and thunderstorms in on Friday and Saturday.

March 22nd-29th:  A cool start to the week with rain on Sunday.  Mild temperatures for the middle of the week with thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday.  Cooling back down into the weekend.

March 30th-April 5th:  A mild start to the week with thunderstorms (some strong to severe) on Wednesday and Thursday.  Cooler the rest of the week.

April 6th-10th:  A mild start to the week with our next system in on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Showers and thunderstorms (some strong again) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Staying decently mild the rest of the week.  Thunderstorms back in on Friday and Saturday.

April 11th-18th:  Mainly a mild week with rain on Wednesday and Thursday.  Showers stick around on Friday with rain back in on Saturday.