Thursday Morning Blog: Rain is finally here, but the heat is right behind it. -Chris

Good Thursday morning everyone. I hope you all have enjoyed the rain from this morning. Certainly much needed. It won’t eliminate our drought situation, but every bit we can get is certainly beneficial. The rain brought early morning temps down, we started at 81° in Joplin at 5:00 this morning and dropped to near 70° after the rain started. Many of us saw the same nice dip in those temps, unfortunately, it’s only a brief break as the heat returns this afternoon and for the week ahead. This morning – widespread rain and thunderstorms across the area. Those should all clear out around the noon hour.


Heat advisories stick around for southeast Kansas counties highlighted in orange until 8:00 tomorrow night. For those in northeast Oklahoma, they’ll expire tonight at 8:00, though they may get reissued as we head into the weekend.


The temps will begin to climb quickly as we head through the afternoon once the storms and clouds clear out with most of us pushing the mid to upper 90s.


Heat index values tomorrow will be pushing back into the triple digits with many of us pushing 105°.


As we head into tomorrow, there’s a very slight chance of a pop-up storm in the morning and then again in the afternoon, however, most of us will remain dry and hot.


Enjoy the rain while it’s here and give your air conditioning a break tonight if you can. Long range forecast is below. Have an awesome Thursday!


Long Range Forecast

Next Wednesday – Saturday: Heat sticks and mainly dry.

August 14th-August 20th: Another hot week.  A few scattered thunderstorms Thursday through Saturday.

August 28th-September4th:  Some relief from the heat finally.  Mainly a warm week with isolated thunderstorm chances almost each day.