Thursday Blog: Super cold temperatures, when will we warm back up? -Doug

Super cold temperatures, when will we warm back up? -Doug

Rolling right on through the work week and our 3rd arctic blast of the season is here.  Temperatures keep dropping and Thursday will be a cold one.  Wind chills will start around -5 degrees, that sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Wind Chills

Temperatures just struggle all day, but we do get the sunshine back which is always nice.


We only get to about 25 degrees at best, ugh.  Then we do it again, we plunge back to about 8 degrees Thursday night.

Friday Morning

At least by Friday, we get back into the 30s, but still 10 degrees below our average high.

Friday Pm

The weekend looks WAY better.  We climb into the 40s on Saturday and around 50 on Sunday.  So if you are heading to Arrowhead, game time temps will be around 44 degrees, not to shabby.  Our next system rolls in on Monday with rain chances and maybe a little snow on the backside.

Monday Pm

We may get a little bit of snow on the backside but it doesn’t look like a big deal.  Lets look down the road.  We have a couple weak systems through late next week but right at the end of the month and the beginning of February, we get into the part of the Heady Pattern that really picks back up.  I have my eyes on a storm system that will roll in, in about 2 weeks.  I will have more on that to come over the next couple of days.

Long range forecast below.


Next Thursday – Saturday:  Staying cold with slight chances for snow no Friday.

Jan 30th-Feb 5th: A cool start with rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday.  We warm up a bit on Tuesday with another wave rolling in.  We could actually have thunderstorms on Tuesday with rain or snow chances on Wednesday.  Cold the rest of the week.

Feb 6th-12th:  Mainly a cool week with rain chances Monday and snow chances on Tuesday.  Thunderstorms and mild temperatures by the weekend.

Feb 13th-19th:  A cold start with rain or snow chances on Sunday.  Warming back up with mild temperatures through the middle of the week with thunderstorm chances again by Thursday.  Cooling down with rain or snow chances on Friday and Saturday.

Feb 20th-26th:  A cold start to the week with a slow warming trend through the week.  Slight chances for rain or snow on Thursday.  Warming up for the weekend.