Thumb drive malfunction leads to post-audit of Cherokee County election

Votes Switched In County Election Due To Programming Error

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan.- The Cherokee County Clerk released a statement saying voting data for a recent county election malfunctioned leading to a post-audit of election ballots cast.

County Clerk Rebecca Brassart discovered the thumb drive containing voting data improperly switched votes.

Cherokee County had state-wide ballot issues and one local election in which two people ran. This was the County Commissioner 1st District (Republican) election between Lance Nichols and Myra Carlisle Frazier. Originally, the unofficial election results from August 2, 2022, showed Lance Nichols as the winner. However, the recount now has Myra as the winner.

Officials say the drives worked properly during testing, however, the malfunction was detected after the voting process.

“Unfortunately there was no way to know the testing didn’t show inaccuracies, putting them in the ECM didn’t show it. Unfortunately, there was just no way for us to know without doing that post-audit, which I believe is why the secretary of state’s office put that in play, said Rebecca Brassart, Cherokee County Clerk. “It became in play in January of 20-nineteen and so it’s something fairly new but it’s to ensure the integrity of elections”.

Officials say Lockwood Elections is responsible for programming the thumb drive.

The clerk’s office said they will continue the certification of results next Monday.