Those traveling for the holiday may see a few changes on the road

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Tomorrow is thanksgiving and that means some four-staters are hitting the road for the holiday. However, things may be a bit different for those on the road.

Officials with the Kansas Highway Patrol say they’re expecting roads to be a little clearer this year than they have been in the past. Kansas Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Rick Wingate says “I don’t expect there to be as many traveling this holiday, I’ve talked with some other people and they’re telling me that they’re probably just going to do things closer to home this time due to the COVID-19.”

Another added perk to this holiday season, whether you’re traveling to see family or just getting from point A to point B in your daily routine, is the lower gas prices, which is something college student Taylor O’Brien has been enjoying. “It’s been very helpful especially with being in college, making that commute back and forth, it’s been able to allow me to be a little more flexible in the things that I need to spend for, my tuition and my supplies for school.”

Eli Oldham also commutes, but for work, and the low prices have been helping him save as well. “Driving back and forth for work, I’ve got give or take a 30 minute commute so it’s nice to be able to save a little bit here and there.”

Whether or not he’s going to spend any for the holidays though Oldham says “It depends on how nice my brothers are to me, but I might.”

Trooper Wingate says there’s something else they’ve noticed, and officials with the Missouri Highway Patrol say they’ve seen the same thing, people not maintaining their lanes while driving, causing crashes. Wingate says “We’re just making sure that our troopers out on the road this weekend are watching for those types of violations so they can stop the people, find out if they’re driving distracted, or if they’re tired, if they are tired, we want them to pull over and get some rest before they travel on, or if they’re under the influence or if they’re impaired.”

If you are traveling this long weekend, officials with KDOTt and MoDOT say they’ve got crews working hard to make sure rest stops and travel centers are clean, safe, and well stocked.