This $5 program is designed to take care of our caregivers

Wildcat Extension's new course begins January 14th.

Whether they’re in-person or across the country, caregivers have been presented with all sorts of challenges this year.

From physical needs to emotional needs, those providing care and those receiving it rely on each other now more than ever as they continue to power through.

Ptc Virtual Class Jan Feb 2021 1That’s why K-State’s Wildcat Extension office is offering a program at the start of the year that focuses on the skillset and role of a caregiver.

A reduced stress level and increased confidence can benefit both the caregiver and the individual they’re caring for, and as extension agent Tara Solomon-Smith pointed out this morning on the KOAM Morning News, those roles apply to more of us than we may realize.

“Even if your loved one is living across the country or in assisted living, you’re still a caregiver because you’re still working with their medical needs, emotional needs, physical needs.”

The program, which begins January 14th, will also focus on ways to utilize local resources, and advice for any caregivers faced with making tough decisions on behalf of a patient or loved one’s behalf.

With the help of a local grant, the course is only $5, and there is still time to register.

Click here to register for the course!