Third annual Memorial Golf Tournament remembers Brooke Nicolle Robinson’s life

JOPLIN, Mo. –After losing their daughter Brooke four years ago, the Robinsons are using her memory to make an impact on the Joplin community.

The Brooke Nicolle Robinson Foundation held its third annual golf tournament to raise funds and honor the life of the twelve-year-old.

We spoke with her parents about how the fundraiser carries on their daughter’s legacy. 

“Anytime somebody asked her to help out, she was always willing to do so. so the best way we thought to honor her was to hold this event,” said Jay Robinson, Brooke’s father. 

On Sunday, the Brooke Nicolle Robinson memorial foundation hosted their third annual memorial foundation golf tournament, in memory of Brooke.

“All the proceeds from this go toward high school senior scholarships, and we also donate to youth sports in the Joplin area,” her father said. 

Brooke was a part of two youth sports in Joplin, which is where the money raised from the event went.

“Joplin youth basketball and Joplin youth cheer, our daughter was involved in both of those. and then the scholarships are for high school seniors  that want to pursue their higher education.”

To raise funds, golf players pay to take part in a tournament, those not into playing have the option to take part in a silent auction.

“The last two years we maxed out on teams and we even have to turn some away. and we also go out and get donations, and that’s when we build baskets, my wife builds a lot of baskets for a silent auction and it raised a pretty good amount of money and all the proceeds are turned back into scholarships. the youth program is for kids that can’t afford to play sports, or just to help the program build.”

After an amazing turnout this year, the family says they’re grateful for the support in their daughter’s memory.

“When you talk about friends being family, this is it right here. I mean this is it… it means the world to us because it’s in our daughter’s name and we just couldn’t be more proud to carry on her name as much as possible,” said Mackenzie Robinson, Brooke’s mother.