Theresa May urges MPs to support her Brexit deal in last-ditch plea

Brexit might never happen if lawmakers vote down the deal the British government has negotiated with the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May warned on Monday.

Making a last-minute plea to save her beleaguered deal, May warned that a rejection in parliament on Tuesday could destroy people’s trust in politics, lead to the reversal of Brexit and even the breakup of the United Kingdom.

May urged lawmakers to take a “second look” at her deal, and warned that historians would judge them harshly if they didn’t support it.

The Prime Minister said that while her deal was “not perfect” and “a compromise,” it was the only one that would deliver the Brexit the British people voted for in the 2016 referendum.

Despite May’s efforts, it looks likely that her deal will be decisively rejected when members of the House of Commons vote on it Tuesday. The only uncertainty is how badly she will lose the vote.

Key developments:

• Government whip and Brexiteer Gareth Johnson — whose job was to persuade MPs to vote for May’s deal — quit his post.