The undefeated Labette women chase championship amid adversity

The Cardinals saw their #1 ranking fall after spending two weeks off the court due to COVID protocol

PARSONS, KS. – The Labette women’s basketball game has a perfect 12-0 record this season. They’ve faced adversity and beaten that too.

“Our team has been through a lot since August,” says sophomore, Nia Jordan. “We just came out of quarantine, so it was really hard for us to bounce back. We’re getting back to where we were in the beginning and I think we can really contend for a championship if we keep it up.”

The Cardinals missed two weeks of games while in quarantine. Their ranking fell from the number one team in the nation to number eight during their time off the court.

“The number eight ranking is definitely not a reflection of our team, especially with our record,” Jordan says. “I don’t know who’s vindictive, I don’t know what it was, but it’s definitely going to make us work harder and push to get that number one spot back.”

“It’s another tool for us to talk about in the locker room,” says head coach Mitch Rolls. “We are not getting the respect that we were getting in the beginning of the year and we have to earn that back.”

The Cardinals have multiple players averaging double digits this season. Their depth is one of their biggest threats.

“We’re a match up problem for a lot of teams,” Jordan says. “We’re not a one star show or even a two star show. It’s a lot of us that can contribute.”

“We’ve got a lot of really good players, one through fourteen, that we can really rely on,” Rolls adds. “Whoever we bring up off the bench we know they’re going to be just as good as some of the kids we have starting.”

The Labette women are aiming to defend their conference title, but that’s not the end goal.

“We can’t go 50 percent, we can’t go 75 percent because that’s not going to get us a win,” Jordan says. “We have to go hard everyday. If we work hard and go hard we can definitely contend for a championship.”