The Sewing to Sow Ministry turns sewing as a hobby into sewing for a purpose

The Sewing to Sow Ministry formed back in 2008
The Sewing to Sow Ministry turns sewing as a hobby into sewing for a purpose

Mary Shields had a vision of teaching others to sew and helping those in need at the same time. Her sewing ministry turned into something bigger than she imagined.

“It has done my heart so good, because it was such a dream. It seemed impossible, because I didn’t have but a couple sewing machines and not a lot of material, but to see it grow, to see them run with it, has been the greatest thing for my vision.”

The Sewing to Sow Ministry started back in 2008 in Southwest City, Missouri. A group of women gathers every week to make quilts for those in need.

“My mom had a lot of sewing machines and serger’s and material, so we started it here and it was in every room in the house but the bathroom. In 2013, we built this sewing room on to get it out of our home, and we started with probably 10 to 12 ladies a week on Thursday nights, and we’re down to about a handful now” said Sewing to Sow Ministry Coordinator, Ruby Cummings

Although the group has varied in size over the years, the need for their work has increased.

“After 11 and a half years, we have given away over 9,000 quilts” added Cummings.

Cummings says the Sewing to Sow ministry has donated to more than 30 different organizations since 2008, from disaster relief to homeless shelters, orphanages and so much more.

“On a regular basis, we still donate to McDonald County WIC, Good Shepherd Hospice in Grove, Little Rock children’s hospital and Ronald McDonald house. We’ve done nursing homes, we send them to orphanages and all the ministries around here that go to different countries we send them blankets, we send them to the Navaho reservation every other year out in Arizona” said Cummings.

Taylor Hughes joined the ministry when she was just 12 years old after meeting Cummings at their church, Full Gospel, in Southwest City.

“We are sitting here sewing quilts in some facet, and then we are sowing seeds just like the faith of a mustard seed, we are sowing those seeds of God out into the community by giving these blankets. We are using our skills as sewers to sow the ministry.”

The members hope to see it grow even more.

“There’s a need, and they fill that need very well” added Hughes.
For Cummings, she hopes it will inspire other churches to form their own sewing groups as well.

“Just really blessed that we’ve been able to bless so many people.”

The ministry is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to know more about volunteering or would like to donate material, contact Ruby Cummings, at 479-212-0377.


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